The Missing Key



This is my first entry under SnipSnap! WooOooW

I should have actually posted this up a long time ago, because I had the idea two months ago.
It’s a good thing I didn’t post it when I wanted to, because now I can think more clearly about it.
The aim was to read the Word and make up my own stories based on it – a bit like the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, but it didn’t turn out that way, because the story that I wanted to do reminds me of Pinocchio – the Disney version. Anyone want to guess what bible story, I was going to write?
So now, I’m writing things that I’ve noticed in my life. Not going to be as exciting as the stories of the bible, but I hope it will cure your boredom 😛
At first, I’d like to admit that I am way behind in my 40-day challenge! There isn’t actually any excuse. I can see the flashbacks of everything I did, which could have been used as bible study time, but was more of lounge about time. Well hahaha, my day tomorrow is basically free, so catch-up time is near and I shall be moving onto Mark soon! *time to dance*
When you have a good/great thought write it down! Seriously, because I had a good line for this post & now it’s like I’m missing the key pieces of the puzzle.

Ohkay, now the official start of the Missing Key:

One evening I had invited some friends over to my flat, to have a buffet, to show my appreciation. Helping me out, when I was down. After everything had quiet down and the guest began to leave, there was only Abi and I. Due to where I live, I have some high-class security, where we have eye, finger and tongue scans to let people in and out. Unfortunately, Abi doesn’t like high-class security to an excess, so she lives somewhere else. – by this time, I hope you know that I’m joking about the tongue scan.
Anyway, before I could leave and let Abi out (from her cage lol), I needed to bring my key with me, so I could get back in.
Now this where ‘missing’ applies. We turned everything upside down in my room, checking head and tail for my key and it could be found no where. I decided I would check the kitchen since, I remember going there for some water, so maybe I had left it on the dining table. I even looked in the bin, but still no key.
Now this is getting ridiculous, so I thought let me exercise this communication thing with Holy Spirit, since a woman in church said she lost her keys to the car and just asked the Holy Spirit where it was, and He led her to it.
So I’m walking in the kitchen and I say, ‘Holy Spirit, help me find my key, please.’ Then I walk back to my room & begin round 2 of missing key. Now remember faith without works is dead, so of course, I need to re-search, because the key isn’t gonna fall from the sky and a heavenly voice say, “I have found your key, my daughter. You may rest now.” No matter what we believe, I think a loud voice talking to you would scare the bejeezus out of me. Remember Peter and John’s reactions to God the Father’s voice.
Anyway, when I walked into my room, I heard Abi say, ‘Holy Spirit, show me where the key is.’ Right after she said that, she put her hand up, checked the shelf and grabbed my keys! Now, this was a shock to me, because I had checked the shelf, I had even stepped on a chair, just to see clearly over the shelf & I swear my keys were not there at that moment.

* * *

However, the excitement died down in my heart. Yes the Holy Spirit had found my keys, but why couldn’t I have been the one to actually find my keys. Didn’t I say some moment ago, “Holy Spirit, help me find my key, please,” so why wasn’t it me, who found it.
We thank God for His mercy, cause He cleared that thought up straight. I asked for the Holy Spirit to find my key, not for where it was or to use me as a vessel to find my key. He answered my prayers, just not in the way I wanted. Key note is ‘prayers.’ He reminded me that I wanted to be a destiny helper. To help people reach the destiny that God has for them. It’s funny, because when He had reminded me that I asked for His help to find the key, Abi said something about how she has been wanting to put something into practice – maybe faith (a long time, I can’t remember :p ) and I remember being excited, because she wouldn’t have been able to do so, if I hadn’t have lost my keys!
Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I gained four things:

  1. Good or bad situations, the ending will be great
  2. Prayers aren’t always answered the way you think it will be
  3. God remembers things that you ask for even if you forget
  4. When two or more people agree on things, it will happen by the grace of God – of course 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

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