POV: First Person Difficulties

POV Diary

My right eye drifts, glancing at the cartoon playing out on my screen, while my left eye focuses haphazardly at this tiny screen called blackberry bold 9700. The tiny buttons are rapidly punched with my gigantic fingers and the letters are typed accordingly. I can feel the blood rushing to my head, as I lie on my back and I point my leg to the sky. I’m too lazy though, too lazy to get up, too lazy to open my mouth, just enough energy to write this temporary blog note in my memo. Spelling & grammar mistakes iGnoRE5£

Where am I going with this crazy writing… Writing in ‘first person’ is hard! This is where am going and hopefully by the time I reach the finish line, we’ll both cross it or I’ll drag you along with mud splashing you in the face & not the famous Glastonbury mud the UK is known for!

Writing in first person for yourself aka personal diary is hard, because you have to write everything that you felt, everything that you saw or heard, without sounding repetitive. You have to be careful that you don’t go into too much detail and lose focus of your point or leave out the necessary detail and not be able to show the picture.

Now apply all this to a character that you are writing for. A character that is completely different from you, that experiences things that you can only imagine, but you have to make it real. You want to make it real for the readers and real for you. It’s scary because you become an actor/actress. Writing emotions and things that you don’t see but you pretend to experience it, you pretend to feel emotions that you wouldn’t personally generate. And that’s the key. When it’s first person, it is personal and it’s difficult. When it’s third person, you can at least rely on your readers to fill in the gap and imagine the emotions that the character is going through.

When you know that your story is supposed to be in first person, that’s the first hurdle, because it means that it will be dramatic and that your readers will (or hope to) feel everything that the character feels. The second hurdle is actually writing it, because you’re lost. You can’t even write a ‘waking up’ scene. The third hurdle is remembering that you are not writing from your own eyes, but your character’s eyes. The last hurdle is remembering that these experiences are not happening to you, so take a break, before you get lost in some RPG that you created.

Well these are my hurdles, I don’t know what yours are.

Kiss Kiss eTMdd9n8c

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