I want Pizza, not toddler’s milk!


It’s weird because all the ideas are in my head, but when it comes to constructing it on paper/Microsoft word, it becomes a confusing task.
For some time I have had several ideas on how I wanted to start my diary, however, I have been foolish and not started anything, and remember time/life doesn’t wait for anyone, so I have been experiencing so much, that keeps renewing my mind and life, that I’m starting to find it difficult to remember when it occurred or the whole event of a situation.
Therefore, I have decided to recap you guys with the latest thing that I learnt yesterday.
I should also remind you, that this is somewhat a ‘diary’ (I haven’t kept a diary, in my entire life. I saw no point in it). Basically, I am witnessing to you guys and you shall be witnessing to me. That’s if anyone actually reads DHD. Nonetheless, I am accountable to whosoever reads this. One of my greatest fear is that I will taste the love of God, the deep friendship of the Holy Spirit and the great mercy of Jesus Christ, but as time goes by , I will forget and depart from His presence. ‘How?’ – you say, well it is seen everyday. People proclaim that Jesus is Lord and 10/20/30yrs down the line, they have walked down the wide path to hell. We as humans, we can be so forgetful, we can easily be tricked, even the greatest of us can be fooled by those who have come to deceive us, so why not me? How will I prevent myself from being tricked and walking down the wrong path lane? Well that’s where you come in! If you decide to reads this, you are basically keeping tabs on me, you are basically helping me achieve the Book of Acts’ life. I will be able to say that I am truly an ‘Ambassador for Christ!’ Friends and family love to filter the truth, to prevent hurting us, me, but we can’t do this, because we may be actually helping them walk down such a dangerous path. But I digress, let me tell you what I have learnt!!!

Now let me be honest, I didn’t want to have a blog/website where I give you some grand insight to becoming the perfect Christian, in fact I could teach you how to become a lukewarm Christian. I could teach you how to become a good person, but not a Christian. That I could teach you, but becoming an Ambassador for Christ, the holier than holier, the pastor, the deacon, the priest, the priestess, the saint, the ‘Jesus Christ lives within me,’ that I could not teach you, since I am striving to move towards that. The aim of the game was to write short/amazing stories! Since a child I have always loved writing and fours years ago, I rekindled that love again, which has bought a spark to my life. It has allowed me to dream bigger than whatever, I could have imagined, if I had continued to stop writing. Yet, here I am, spilling the secrets that renew my mind/thinking.
Basically, what I am trying to say is, I am human. I will make mistakes. I may even give the wrong advice. I am not foolish, but even human’s wisdom, is foolish in God’s eye.


We have finally come to the story 😛 Took me long enough 😉

So yesterday, I went to an awesome bible study/teaching ran by the wise, Precious (don’t tell him, that I think he’s wise, or his ego will grow too much). It was basically about evangelism, which is not the main topic for this section, but I will dwell deeper into that later on.
After we had that teaching, I was chilling with Abi and Precious, just doing the normal African gisting (this is not actually a real English word apparently, so I will have to give you a rough explanation. I define it as, talking/gossiping/talking that won’t further my life :P) However, this gisting took a turn. I don’t know how it began! I’m trying to do the flashbacks in my mind, but I don’t know how that topic even sprung up. I just know that we were talking about Christian books, you know the ones, that are supposed to used in addition with the Bible, to help you grow as a Christian.
Now, I was proud of myself! I had finally bought two books, by myself, to help me grow as Christian. The fact that they weren’t fantasy or secular reading, made me think that I was starting to grow as a Christian.


Precious just had to come with his insight and reveal to us, things that shook us deeply. Now, I don’t have anything against these Christian books, but I will now analyse everything that I read. One thing that I have noticed is, that I was starting to replace my Bible time, with the ‘Christian book time,’ because I felt that I needed to read it, to make myself a better Christian.
I was basically substituting the Bible, for a quick and easy way to becoming a strong Christian.

“They are strong in Christ, so if I copy them, I will be strong in Christ,” that was my thought process, but it is only God that knows a man’s heart. This reminds me, when I used to and still do, admire Abraham and David. I loved the great faith and great love that they had for God. Oh how I wished that I could be like them, (in David’s case, to a certain extent). I would pray to have a spirit like them.

Ignorance is definitely not bliss!

What I should have been asking for is the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit to give me great faith, give me wisdom, give me that agape love for God and people. Thank God, that he doesn’t always answer my prayers, or my life would be a huge mess (there was a time I wanted to be a Sailor Scout and go to the Digital world – Digimon). To be honest, I thought I was being wise. Since Elisha asked for the double the spirit that was upon Elijah – 2 Kings 2. So I assumed that I could ask for whatever spirit that was upon the heroes of the bible, but lets be honest. They didn’t do all the great things by themselves, it was through the Holy Spirit! – Zechariah 4:6.
You know, I’ve been attempting to learn bible verses. One that has really stuck with me is, 2nd Timothy 2:15 which says- “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth” I was so proud of myself, when I could remember it, but how foolish I was. What strength is there in learning the Word, but not applying it to your life? – James 1:22! What I learnt yesterday, woke me up, that I really need to practice what I learnt. I need to dig deep into the Word and eat of it and use it to mature myself. I NEED TO!
Because there are so many false prophets, people that purposely lead the people of God astray, lead those that have the potential (the whole WORLD) to be God’s children away, for what reason? Money, power, influence, fame? I don’t know! I was going to write, “who knows what the devil wants?!” But we all know, he wants us to join a punishment, that was solely for him.
What I’m trying to say is that we need to stop waiting for others to teach us, when we have the power, we have the Holy Spirit to teach us His Word. Just because someone is a priest/pastor/reverend/on God’s Tv, doesn’t mean that they are way ahead of us, it doesn’t mean we should take everything that they say onboard, because believe it or not, God is the one that can raise you to that position, if you let Him to. This reminds me of when Paul, basically a newbie admonished Peter (in my head, he is Jesus Christ bffl, lol). I was just sitting there, reading it thinking, “Wow! Paul, you don’t know when to keep your mouth shut… Well, he is right, though. Even, though Peter is a well known figurehead, Paul still said those things to Peter and not even in private. He’s got guts.” – Do take time to read Galatians 2:6-21! God shows no favouritism, when you become His child. His plan is to raise us, to become perfect beings, so even if you are a novice Christian or an established Christian fighting every physical and spiritual principality, He will treat us all the same. It is the same Jesus, that said “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.” – Matthew 18:3-4. Little children rarely know what they are doing most of the time, they need guidance, they need someone to rely on. We need to be wholly dependent of God, on His Holy Spirit, that Jesus Christ has left us. We cannot depend on ourselves, because we cannot see our future and I can certainly not remember my past to detail.
I feel like I’ve diverged from the path that I wanted to go. I’m afraid to actually read, what I wrote above, because I’m afraid that it won’t flow completely. Well! Hey! Welcome to the mind of T. S. Emrys. It goes wherever it wants to go, which I am still training 😛
I know that I wanted to add something else to this, but I can’t remember, so I will do a bullet section and hope that everything is clear.

  • Read the Word yourself, don’t wait for anyone else to do it for you
  • “Work at your own salvation” – Abi’s paraphrase of Philippians 2:12
  • Don’t just let people teach you the Word, research it yourself
  • Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, when you are reading the Word
  • Don’t trust in man, with your whole heart. Only God deserves that
  • No matter what stage you are at, God can raise you to the top. Just have faith in God ~ Just remembered this is what I wanted to dwell in! Remember David was a shepherd before he was a king. Joseph was a slave, before he became a government officer. Jesus came, born in a manager (“There’s no room in the inn, there’s no room in the inn today, what to do? What to do?), and we should all know that Jesus is Lord! The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. So what is stopping God, from doing that in our lives?! NOTHING! We just have to let him and be obedient to His Word, and keep the faith.

I’m going to leave it here, or I’ll just keep writing 😀

I feel like I should end it in a special way, but I’m just going to end it in a way that my good friend Adaeze, has influenced me to, end most of my text 😉

 Kiss Kiss


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