Purple Book

Purple Book


I couldn’t think of anything imaginative to call this category, so I called it the ‘Purple Book.’ I feel like it’s mysterious enough to entice you 😉 Basically, the ‘Purple Book,’ is about quoting myself, ‘when you take notes at church, but you rarely read them. You then find them 2 years later and the guilt of throwing them out is so strong, that you can feel God’s eyes on you. What to do… What to do… Well, post them up and hope, someone else will benefit from your notes, better than you did.’

So we shall be starting from on that occurred on the 29/05/2011. Basically, three years ago. Referring to my favourite source of exaggerated news and sarcastic comments, I shall be posting some titles that was released on the 29/05/2011 that I found hilarious on the Daily Mail:

  • A prayer and a cuddle! The new church that doubles as a dating service for young single… Mormons
  • Seventy-four with a six-pack: Meet the grandmother who is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder
  • PayPal co-founder pays 24 teenagers $100,000 each to quit school and follow their dreams
  • Are these the weirdest dolls ever? Lifelike ‘reborn babies’ have nails, hair, eyelashes – and even SALIVA

So on the 29/05/2011 sitting in Sunday school, at a church I can’t actually remember, I learnt about covenants.

Two things that I gathered from this teaching is:

  1. Permanent
  2. Powerful

It’s not something to mess about with. You have to be careful who you enter a covenant with because it is permanent, especially if you are entering one with God (who is very keen on His words – Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 214:35, Mark 13:31, 1st Peter 1:25).

Break a covenant = BAD situation. Something terrible happens when you go back on your words, especially in a covenant, because you have decided to undergo with your own free will this vow/promise. Matthew 5:37 tells you, ‘let your yes be yes, and your no, no,’ so you have to stand by your word, as you will be accountable for everything that you say – Matthew 12:36-37 ‘But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”’
Depending on how you take it, fortunately, when we accepted Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Saviour, we entered a strong (blood) covenant with Him. Therefore, it is essential that we maintain a strong relationship with God.

However, I felt that sometimes there were times when man did break promises with God in the bible and I couldn’t actually see the consequences, so I asked my friend Abi and she said (paraphrasing), ‘God might not punish them straight away. He sticks with His people, but their punishment will not be immediate. God always stands by His word.’ It is so easy to remember that God is a ‘merciful God,’ and forget that He is also a God of Justice, who puts His word above all.

I actually used this as a learning experience. I wouldn’t say I’m in a covenant, but I would say that I am very close. Thinking that I’m sly, I put in a clause, to help ease my vow/situation. However, reflecting on it, it has just revealed the true nature of sin. I have a clause, so if I break it, I’m safe and continue to break it, with knowing that I have covered the front and back. It is a slippery slope, so once you take that step, you have already tumbled down the hill, which I think really showed when it came to my fasting.
In the end, I had to think ‘what is more important, Holy Spirit or food?’ The fact is, I’ll still be able to eat, so why can’t I give up this time for God? When you put things in perspective, it is easier to see how silly things are.

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