Luke 101

Luke 101

Finally reached Luke! lol! Wooow can I really call this the 40day challenge, when it’s taken me more that 2 months to reach the 3rd gospel in the New Testament?! Hope your journey has been better than mine. So this is a post, I made on my phone from some time ago, so fingers crossed it makes sense and there are few grammatical error.

Here we go…

  • At first I thought that Matthew, Mark and Luke were repetitive of each other, but going along, I noticed key difference between the three, which has helped me gain insight.
  • Who is Theophilus? Is it a country or a type of people. Does that mean each gospel was written for a certain type of people, with Jesus as their main focus, but a separate or special message for them, that they would understand?! Maybe you may understand Luke but Matthew seemed less interesting, or you liked Matthew, it spoke more to you, but Mark dulled your whole moment. Or! You could have been force-feeding yourself the Gospel and John is where your spirit will awaken.
  • Verse 4 – “… That you may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed.” So does that means in our hearts were already know what we need to do, but the Gospel confirms it for us, it tells us why and leads us?! It is our blueprint for life?
  • Verse 5 – “was of the daughters of Aaron… name was Elizabeth.” Why the emphasis on ‘was.’ Aaron was Moses’ brother (Exodus) and he was appointed as priest, so does that make Elizabeth a priestess? I mean didn’t they usually copy/follow the steps of their parents and continued their occupation. If your father is a farmer, you’ll be a farmer. Another thing, because it says ‘was,’ does that mean she is no longer a daughter of Aaron, but because of the generation that she is born in and the arrival of Jesus, she is more of a daughter of God, than a daughter of Aaron?! Just noticed that John is born to a priest and priestess. Furthermore, ‘name was Elizabeth.’ I didn’t understand why there was a ‘was.’ I mean, is her name not Elizabeth?! Elizabeth or if we are going Hebrew, Elisheba, means God is my oath or the fullness of God. I feel like that sentence may mean, that God has fulfilled the meaning of her name. Zacharias and Elizabeth had been wanting a child for sometime and God eventually fulfilled it. If you notice the second meaning of Elizabeth means fullness of God, which is true, because John was baptised as a baby by Jesus. Filled with the Holy Spirit at a young age and therefore, Elizabeth was also full of the Holy Spirit aka God! Kablow!!!
  • Moving on…
  • Am I pushing it when I say, ‘ when one or two people are gathered together in prayer, in accordance?!’ I feel like Zacharias was heard, God made haste to his situation, because the multitude was praying as well. Maybe not praying for the same thing, but when people call God, He hears and He comes roaring with His answers, that even we are scared and feel unworthy of His grace, mercy and presents (I means presence).
  • Can I assume that angels can only be seen if they want to reveal themselves, of course by God’s will.
  • I love what the angel says ‘He will also be filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb.’ This why it is important that we keep pregnant mothers and mothers in prayers, because even at a young age, even when their limbs have yet to be formed, they can be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sealed by the Blood of Jesus. Imagine if we had a generation of children/toddlers already filled with the Holy Spirit. Their mindset already on God?! The miracles we would see, the wisdom they would have, the power and destiny that they would have. It would shock us, we would be happy (but slightly jealous that we didn’t get to start from birth).
  • Also!!! Can you believe that Zacharias and Elizabeth were barren for so long into their old age and then boom! Visitation from an angel and a baby with a great destiny! Can you imagine?! You have God all your life, but it feels like nothing is progressing in one area, and then God drops a gift, that even you can’t process. God is watching and waiting. Everything in time. God knows what He is doing. Funny that John came 6 months before Jesus was conceived! He had to prepare the people for Jesus!
  • I’ve been wondering, what is the ‘spirit and power of Elijah?‘ Because I personally believed that the same power that was working through Elijah and any prophet of God, was the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I have come to believe, that the Holy Spirit was present in a select few of the Old Testament and they may have had to go through certain conditions to receive the Holy Spirit, but Jesus came along. He came along, shed His blood for us and now everyone can receive the Holy Spirit, even though we are unworthy! Any random person could receive the Holy Spirit, of course you must believe.
  • Oooh Zacharias! An angel comes before you and you have doubts. You can actually see the angel and you have doubts. Does he not remember Abraham? You see, his response is completely different from Abraham and Mary’s response, when they received good news.
  • I honestly believe Zacharias was made mute, because there is power in the tongue. What if he said his doubts over and over, speaking spiritual negativity into his situation. God could move, but it great. That’s why everything that God has spoken to you, you may not need to share with everyone. Remember Jesus couldn’t do much miracles in His own hometown, because of their unbelief.
  • LMAO!!! How many people have the name Mary and don’t know the meaning of it?! (I don’t but I’ve discovered the meaning) Mary can mean, ‘wished for child, bitterness and rebellion’
  • Now in Verse 27, it reads, ‘the virgin’s name was Mary.’ So shall presume that her name is no longer, Mary?!
  1. Wished for child – ✓- She receives a child, whilst being a virgin
  2. Bitterness – ✓ – angel Gabriel says in Verse 28 ‘Rejoice, highly favoured one, the Lord is with you…‘ – how can you be bitter when God is with you, telling you to be joyful?!
  3. Rebellion – ✓ – in a way, she is a rebel. She’s a woman, with a big destiny. She’s have a baby out of supernatural means, aka rebelling against human nature. She accepted her destiny, even though she could be labelled as a whore and Joseph could have kicked her out the door.
  • I like how Mary is straight to the point, ‘I don’t know a man?‘ Where is my baby going to come from. Zacharias didn’t believe his situation, but Mary didn’t understand where the baby would come from. She knew she was going to have a baby, but from where, she didn’t know.
  • Let us meditate on that, ‘For with God nothing will be impossible.‘ – with God, nothing in my life is impossible.
  • Jesus already baptising at a young age. Already God is fulfilling what Gabriel said to Zacharias. Look at that even Elizabeth was baptised, already the Holy Spirit is using her as a vessel.
  • Women! Believe! Blessed is me who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told to me from the Lord.

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