Football is a ‘battle,’ but shall I pray?


This is an extremely late entry, but I finally I have set my mind to it and I’m ready to write it. I’m trying to get back into my hard-working personality that I used to have whilst doing my in GCSE and winter A-levels. So I’m trying to improve my consistency when it comes to blogging, writing stories and studying pharmacy. I was about to say obtain the ‘illusion of a first,’ but I don’t even think my mind is making sense and it sounds like I doubt the skills that I have to get a first, so I shall boldly say, that I will obtain a first this, final year!!! 😀 woow, yay me! 😛

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been swooped up into this World cup mess. I don’t have any teams that I can root for and say that they will successfully meet the finals because that’s a lie. My origin is Nigeria (miracles are needed! Supereagles let’s soar) and my home is England (Three lions roar!). You can see why I won’t place any money on these teams. I mean every year, I get swept into this football, I build optimise for my teams, even though their track record says otherwise and a darker me comes out (no I don’t tan, but I use curse words that are only uttered every four years).
You would think that I should just abandon my home and origin team, but it is so hard, because they represent you. They represent your land, your home. You are basically showing the world that your football team, consist of the best of the best from your country. And sometimes, when I watch football, especially from the teams I support, I doubt that. When I see the footballers not giving it their ‘all’ I’m pissed, because they have taken a spot that belongs to someone else who is willing and waiting.
Why do I say football is a ‘war,’ because it bloody well is. Once the England vs Uruguay match hand ended, my mum had already shouted that they shouldn’t let Suárez step into this country if he wants to leave. In Nigeria, the last male football team that didn’t succeed, weren’t welcomed to a ‘congratulation’ ceremony, more like an angry mob, which made the footballers arrive separately and undetected. Unlike the female football team of Nigeria, who did well and were treated like Goddess!
To me, football is a war, & you can either have a hero’s welcoming or a disgraced one.

Now, my only problem with my obsession with world football is, my personality changes and I have recently begun to go to God in prayer, for the success of my football teams. When I noticed that I was spending more time praying about football, then what was happening in the world, I had to check myself. How can I pray for something that is seen as a luxury/entertainment, whilst there are people suffering and wars escalating?! My priorities have been distorted, and what’s even worse, my thoughts on whoever deity they pray to. I don’t care whoever they pray to, as long as we win. How can I call myself a Christian, when I find it reasonable for them to invoke their mama water spirits and juju powers (you guys know what I’m on about, especially if you were/and still are stalking twitter alongside the football matches. I really have to evaluate my mind’s framework.

I don’t know how I want to end this, so I’m going to end this abruptly!

Kiss Kiss eTMdd9n8c

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