Triple Bs: Bad Bugs Bite

Bad Bugs Bite

I’m always warning myself that when I have an idea that I should write it down. Well! It seems that I have learned from my mistake but I haven’t completely grasped the whole message! I only wrote the title down and not the actually plan for this post.
Well, at least God can use my stupidity, to hopefully bless the world, aka, ‘sometimes you may only take a snippet of what God wants you to take, but there is so much more He wants to give you.’ Boom! Quoted from the great T. S. Emrys – poet in the making. I’m joking! I have a feeling, I’ve already been beaten to this message already.

Like I always say, ‘I digress.’ To help stir up my memory, I will remind myself of what could have lead to me having an epiphany and wanting to do a post about it.

So a long time ago, not too long, I returned back to uni, just a week before all the exams would begin, so that I could make up for the fun I had over Easter, to care about revision.
Basically, the next day of my arrival, I wake up with a big swollen bump on my arm, my right eyelid slightly swollen (that’s my best eye) and random bumps on my face.
Of course, I did what any sane person did… I screamed, cried, panicked and prayed for God to save me. Thinking about all the things I did wrong to be punished like this. I even thought that someone had placed a cursed on my room whilst I was gone (too many African films, but don’t worry – ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper! No! It won’t work.’
I think I may have known where I was going with this? Maybe Job and his suffering? But my suffering was nothing in comparison to him. So I don’t know where I was going with this.

Yes, I was bitten by a bad bug, but what was my main focus on this message?!

  • I woke up
  • Swollen arms, eyes and face
  • Screaming
  • Panicking
  • Crying
  • Studying halted
  • Panic again
  • Meet the nurse
  • Get the drugs
  • Arm is down
  • Motivation for studying is reformed

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t have enough money to buy all the things required to help with the bite, but there was enough to buy some cheap medication (80p) to hold the fortress down until I could get the rest (Thank you, God!)

Luckily, this is going under the SnipSnap section, so you may miss my ramblings.

30th May 2014 at 17:00pm: I finally remembered what this was supposed to be about! The power of speaking to others about your crazy situations can give your brain that extra boost, to remember whatever it was supposed to remember 😉

I noticed that I always get attacked at night, when I’m sleeping. I wake up with colds at night, not showing any symptoms of it during the day. I once woke up with a huge blister on my hand, due to my excessive addiction to heat and my hot water bottle, and now it’s waking up to a swollen arms, eyes and faces.

You know what? I feel amazing! The fact that they can’t deal with me during the day, that they come at night. Do you see where I’m going with this. That sometimes the enemy is so afraid of us when we are awake, because we are fully prepared. Our minds are alive, it’s soaked with the Word, but when we’re asleep, it’s difficult for us to be in control, even if you know it’s a dream, you can’t do much. You only end up, repeatedly saying ‘it’s a dream, it’s a dream.’

Did anyone used to get attacked by those random black blobs or shadows at night/dreaming? Used to scare the shxt out of me, but Thank God for God/Jesus. Just the word, Jesus, would get me out of that situation. I think they figured out that I knew the power of name, Jesus, so they changed their tactic, trying to silence my mouth. Please note, that this was happening to me before, I even hit secondary school, so before 11 years old, I was experiencing this supernatural creepiness. I truly do think it’s important that people teach their children about Jesus. Even if they end up changing their path, God will call them back eventually. He is jealous for us and He will draw us back to Him. We just need to prepare them, for what life throws at them.

Back on track – well before back on track: ‘that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,’ – Philippians 2:10 – now back on track 😛

Eventually, just thinking of Jesus, could get rid of them! So after sometime, they disappeared, my dreams were peaceful. I may get these random dreams, if I distance myself from God. I don’t want to say I use it as a measure of my relationship with God, but more of reminding me, that I’m backsliding, I’m reverting to that childish Christian I was, that what do I have to show for 10+ years of Jesus’ living?!

I don’t want to scare you with all this ‘crazy.’ But I remember when I was doing some research for my story – Tamono – I wanted to incorporate shadow and shadow people (some would be the scary shadows and others, the friendly type) and I noticed that even non-Christians have been through this situation as well, of course they had their own explanation for it. I also wondered how they got through it, because I feel like most Christians know that in that situation, call out the name of Jesus, and you’ll be sleeping fine.

I think my main point is that I’m fine. I’ve upgraded. I’ve studied the Word. God has strengthened me, that in a weird sense I kind of enjoy my upgraded dreams. Now I’m going to sound really weird! Like, my dreams have seriously upgraded, like my subconscious is stronger! I think my subconscious is stronger that than the personality that I exert when I’m awake. Like, when I’m dreaming, I’m a wild prayer warrior, casting out demons, filling people up with the Holy Spirit and quoting scriptures. I can truly say that I’m a soldier for God, when I’m dreaming. I wonder when I’ll be like that? 

Kiss Kiss


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