Music: The Secret Lullaby to Your Heart

Sweet Lullabies

As I write this post/blog, music is jamming in the background. I’m having my own secret underground flat party, with my flatmates having no idea. That’s a lie! I have a feeling if they were walking past my door, the music would be seeping through the gaps.


This is my first entry under the ‘3 Wise Monkeys!’ No why the ‘3 Wise Monkey?!’ I mean most of us are familiar with the saying ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ Basically, I wanted an interesting heading for my new three sections:

  • Lullabies: music
  • Scripts: reading
  • Role-plays: television

I feel like the 3 wise monkeys could represent those three areas (maybe I’m just pushing my luck and saying it does 😉 ). For example, music is listening (and watching), reading is seeing (and speaking) and television is seeing, speaking and hearing! LOL! See, I made it work, kind of?!

Anyway my first entry is ‘music – the secret lullaby of the heart.’ Now why would I say that? It so obvious, I mean people have repeatedly talked about the influence of music and how it affects you subconsciously and all the other types of consciously that is out there.
I don’t want to rant about how we have to be careful what we listen to and how it can affect us and how the devil can manipulate us through it, because I am sure that even non-Christians aren’t blind to what is happening in the music industry and music in general. I won’t even lie, when Beyonce starts playing, my hips starts moving (I should have said Shakira, but that would be a lie). That’s not what this is about.
This is basically, how you can use music to help you better, well maybe slightly. How do I get my point across.


So I’m going to start a new challenge! I know, I know! I haven’t even finished the 40 day New Testament challenge. Well, my excuse is I’m in my final year and had exams. That’s not a good excuse, because I think Abigail still finished the challenge whilst doing the exam. Do I still get brownie points, if I say, I was still praying, fasting and reading a verse a day? Nope, okay, well forgive me. Don’t worry, I have not given up on the challenge. I am still doing it, but this is a new challenge I am going to do after the 40 day challenge 😛

It is called –

‘100 songs, 3 months, Miming Master and Fake Lyricist?! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!’

Yes! I know! What a mouthful! Basically, anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t remember lyrics, only beats. Even Happy Birthday scares me, when we reach the second verse. Oh, you didn’t know there was a second verse, well you don’t have enough African friends then.
Anyho! I want to learn at least 100 Christian/Gospel songs this summer. Why? Well I’ve noticed the power of Gospel songs. We’ve all heard about that cute kid, who sang his way out of abduction – Willie Myrick – I’ve also noticed the power of song, whilst revising.
There are times when you can’t pray, like your head knows that you should pray, that there is no point wasting time crying, but you physically can’t. That’s when a song comes, you don’t know where it came from, you didn’t even know you knew the chorus well enough, to repeat it and keep singing it , until you are filled with JOY!
This is what happened to me, I have a feeling it was the ‘He loves us’ by Jesus Culture and Kim Walker, that drew me out of depression. It’s weird because I’m rarely depressed. Like I can be sad, but it may be for a couple of minutes. When it comes to depression, it always hits me at random times, I’m not used to it. I can cry for days and end up with fever/flu and not have the urge to pray, but still yell out my frustration to God. This is when that song came all of a sudden. I didn’t even know that I knew the song. It was weird because I was still crying, but not because I was sad or frustrated, but because I was happy, joyful! I could see all that He has done for me and knew that He would do more for me.
That’s why I think music is powerful and that we can tap into it and use it for our own benefit.


I’m lost, I don’t want to read what I wrote above, because I have a feeling I could get lost in whatever I wrote. I think I’ll finish it here 😛


Kiss Kiss



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