Matthew: Adornment, LLITLDOYL, Allegories


Matthew 23-25

Matthew 23

  1. WoOoW! Chapter 23 was really WOW! You could feel Jesus truly warning you about looking at the inside and not only focusing on outside appearance. He repeated the same message several time, but in different manners.
  2. I’ve noticed that I may sometimes ‘trash talk’ the Pharisees and the Sadducee, which I would like to actually apologise for, because I feel like I’m not making myself clear. I use them as a way to learn, to learn from them and their mistakes. There are still Pharisees and Sadducee around, but they don’t use that name no longer – they could easily be people we know, who we believe are giving us the right method/advice to pleasing God’s heart. We could even be acting as Pharisees and Sadducee, excluding those who we think don’t belong. Sometimes, I think my mindset acts this way, because I’m always shocked when someone tells me that they’re a Christian & they don’t look the way I believe them to look. Fasting is another one, where we make a scene, though our heart is not there.
  3. As Christians, we must stand by our Word. It is said in Matthew 24:35“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away.” Jesus stands by His words, and we must do the same. If we say that we are Christians, then let us act like Christians. Let the light in us shine, so that the children of the world can see the difference in us, and be drawn to us, because they see hope and the grace of God.
  4. He warns us about titles. Especially titles in churches. It can ruin the whole foundation. When are eyes are supposed to be focused on God, we are busy searching for honour and admiration in all the wrong place. These things will eventually pull us away from what we should be seeking, and I know it’s obvious, but the answer is God.
  5. Note the only I call father on earth, is my dad… I don’t know about all this father ‘insert name’ or daddy ‘insert name’. My tongue is already trained to call God, my Heavenly Father and I actually call my dad on earth, dad. I only say father when I want something 😛
  6. We have to be careful of ‘teachers’ because they will mislead themselves and may purposely mislead others, who are earnestly seeking God. I think that’s why we must at least try to pray once a week to God about sending His workers – Matthew 9:38, that away at least people won’t be lead astray.
  7. If you have a NKJV and you see the word ‘Proselyte’ don’t let it throw you off, it means a new convert to a religion – so in this case, someone who has received Jesus Christ in their life. Again, when someone comes into the church, we must work together to help them. Not just leave it to one person, but all of us as a church, should help them build a solid/stable foundation in Christ. Not to push our own doctrine, or the church’s “mission statement” but the Word of God into their life. Because, that church may not be their home, but it may be where they need to start off at. The nutrition they need to get their seed germinating. Therefore, we have to only sow into them the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit guide them.
  8. God doesn’t look at the things we are adorn ourselves with, jewels, make up, bags and clothes. It’s our heart – the fact is we don’t have that ability, unless the Holy Spirit has blessed you with discernment or has told you so, we can never truly understand a person’s heart just by looking at them. Therefore, we must ask for wisdom whenever we meet someone, so that we can divide the truth from the lies.
  9. Honestly, love Jesus – Verse 27 is so funny, but clever. I don’t know how to describe it, but I have a feeling you would never get bored with Him. He would teach, insult, feed and entertain you all at the same time.
  10. This is what I’m saying – I may have thought like the ‘teachers’ back then.” If I was back there in the old time, I would never reject Jesus, I would have stood up for him. Or if I was Eve, I would never have ate the fruit.” – it’s so easy to say that you won’t do something, until you are in that situation, but the fact is, we aren’t in that situation. We are all human and we react differently, therefore, the ‘play’ will be different. One time, I even caught myself mid-way through a lie. I was actually shocked that I lied. I don’t actually lie (unless I’m pranking someone – I wait about 1/2hrs to reveal the truth :p sucker I know 😉 ) & my body just lied as though it was natural instinct.

Matthew 24

  1.  So… I’m back home and now I’m using my dad’s bible to continue my bible study. It’s a good thing to, because some of the things I was struggling with, seems to make more sense in this bible, then the one I have at uni.
  2. Verse 2 – Jesus tell his disciples that the temple buildings will all be destroyed. Apparently, this is true. Quoted from the Life Application Bible, ‘But the Temple was destroyed only 40 years later, when the Romans sacked Jerusalem in A.D.70.’ Jesus was correct, the physical temple was destroyed. This temple was garnished with beautiful gems and sacred objects, however it was still destroyed. The place that was called to be the ‘home of God’ was destroyed.
  3. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone call themselves, ‘Messiah,’ unless it was part of a joke, but you can actually see that Jesus’ word is being fulfilled. Wars, threats of wars, civil war, famines and earthquakes. This world hasn’t had some peace for some time. When we think that one war is over, another seems to come up over time. The sign is everywhere.
  4. Trying my best not to read the insert from the Life Application Bible, but it is so good.
  5. We have to remember that though we aren’t being treated like the Christians in the old times, there are still people out there, who are suffering to bring the Word of God to others, in countries where it is a crime to be a Christian. We should continue to pray for them earnestly, also, even though we aren’t being whipped or locked in jail for our belief, we are still being prosecuted, just not physically. Therefore, we must also pray that God speaks into our situation.
  6. Verse 12 – ‘Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.’ – I think we could apply this to today. With many people disregarding sin, it continues to grow and fester in their hearts, that sin, no longer becomes sin, but something second nature to them. There is no place for sin and God. Sinning is what the devil’s expertise lie in, so it cannot be from God. God turns away from sin, and the more you sin, the further away God is. Now, the definition of love is God. God is practically love, He embodies love, how then can you have love, if your heart is tainted with sin. There will just be empty feelings, no true joy.
  7. It is actually highlighted that the ‘Reader should pay attention,’ therefore, I have decided to read Daniel 11 & 12, to get a better understanding of what Jesus is trying to say and what Matthew is trying to stress
  8. We can truly stand on God’s Word. The fact that Heaven and Earth is before our eyes, something we can see and God says that they will disappear and His Word will still remains, means that we can always fall back on God’s Word, through our struggles.
  9. There’s been YOLO (you only live once) and all the rest. I think one of them that has stayed with me is, ‘Live, Like It’s The Last Day Of Your Life’LLITLDOYL (lol) – But what if we actually lived like that, but with a Christian mindset?! I mean the disciples where living like that, it’s what motivated them to do things and spread the gospel, so what if we did that as well? I wonder how many lives would be saved, how transformed our lives would be, how much time we would invest in God and His Word?

Matthew 25

  • Back home & I’ve convinced my siblings to bible study with me! I wonder what we’ll get together… \(^o^)/ So my brother is 11 and it’s great hearing his opinion on what the different passages mean. As older siblings, we must educate our younger siblings, because our parents can’t just do it themselves, we need to be the filter, helping them grow in Christ. God has placed us as the ‘first,’ to help grow the ones that follow us afterwards.

Parable of the Ten Bridesmaid:

  1. What made the bridesmaid foolish/wise? Those that were called ‘wise’ were prepared, even for diversions or future events and those that where foolish were prepared for the now, not for the future or if their plan changed.
  2. If you continue to read, you can see that they had enough for the day that the bridegroom was supposed to come, but the bridegroom was delayed. They were all prepared for that day, but not for the delayed coming of the bridegroom.
  3. What we gathered from the Word is, we can’t just be prepared for a specific day, because someone has told us Jesus is coming that day. No one is going to know when Jesus comes, only God does. Therefore, we have to be prepared at all times, our hearts and relationship with God must be right. ‘In those days before the flood, the people were enjoying banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat.’Matthew 24:38 – Everyone will still be living a ‘normal’ day out when Jesus comes.

Parable of the Loaned Money:

  1. We’ve established that the ‘Master’ is God and the ‘Servants’ are Christians/Children of God
  2. Brother: If God gives us something we should grasp it and use it according to His will. The servant that had only one silver, didn’t do anything due to his unbelief.
  3. In my bible version, silver is replaced with ‘talent.’ I find that interesting, because we could say that God has given us gifts, which He has entrusted with us, to use according to His Will.
  4. I would have assumed that the guy with one talent, would us his gift well, because he isn’t burdened with other gifts, he is just focusing on that one gift and developing it. However, he instead buries it.
  5. When we bury a gift, we are not only harming ourselves, but we are preventing others from seeking God. We each have something in us, that can be used to further the Kingdom of God, by not doing so, we are not only damning ourselves, but others.
  6. You can see that God also rewards and blesses you with more gifts, because He can trust you to follow through.

Final Judgement:

  1. We’ve heard this before; feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help the poor etc. However, it can be difficult. I remember the first time I gave money to a beggar, it was in London, I was with my mum, still in primary school. I looked at the man and I asked my mum for some money to give him. She gave me 20p and I then put it in his blue bag and he thanked me. I was happy and I walked to catch up with my mum. I turned around and I saw him walk into Greggs and get some food. My heart was filled with joy instantaneously, the fact that I was able to help feed him. I have continued that habit until I was16. I found it difficult to help the homeless/beggars, because I was afraid that they would use the money on drugs or alcohol. There was a lot of news about it, or you would see them with their alcohol can beside them and it completely put you off. You didn’t want fuel their addiction.
  2. Eventually, I switched to buying snacks and simply saying ’Jesus loves you.’ It is so much easier, I am feeding you physically and spiritually and know I know the difference between those that need help and those that want to fuel their addiction.
  3. I even did a 21st century Peter – ‘I don’t have money, but if you want sweets, I can give you.’ Maybe I should have said I can give you Jesus, because he quickly went away, but you can tell where his heart was 😀
  4. I thought at first it was weird that Jesus said, ‘you didn’t visit me in prison.’ We know that the majority of people that go to prison have committed a crime, but Jesus came for those people. They are lost people, who need as much help, as we do and they could really need some help from us to seek God. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to speak to someone in prison and the Holy Spirit would guide me to bring someone to His kingdom.

Kiss Kiss


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