Matthew: KOH, Scream, Donkeys, Lord


Matthew 19 – 22

Matthew 19

  1. ‘Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife just any reason?’ – I love that ‘just’ is in italics (I’m back at it again) – It sounds like they are asking whether there is any justice in divorcing. Of course, God is a Just God, so we receive an amazing reply from Jesus.
  2. Sometimes, I wonder whether the disciples suffered from memory loss. I know in the last chapter, Jesus told them that the little children will inherit the kingdom of heaven, and here they are trying to shun them away. He even warned them not to let the little ones lose their path and the here the disciples are, telling them to go away from Jesus. It seems stupid, but even we suffer from memory loss. The Holy Spirit tells us something, we rejoice and then the next day we completely forget. Or the Holy Spirit has helped us out of a situation and then when another situation turns up, we are blaming God for everything that isn’t going right and wondering where He is, and why He’s acting blind to our situation, when He’s already sorted out the rest of the journey for us, ahead.
  3. Jesus confirming that He is God, because He is the only one who is truly good, that hasn’t sinned from birth. He even confirms that we can never be good as humans, only God can help us be good. We have been made righteous by His Grace
  4. I know that it seems that you can’t be a Christian and enter the kingdom of heaven, if you are rich, but that’s not true. Jesus said it will be hard, he didn’t say it was impossible. In fact He said, ‘seek ye the kingdom of God an His righteousness and all theses things shall be added unto you,’ – Matthew 6:33. We have to know that God is first and in no comparison with other things.
  5. I like Peter. He seems to be a klutz and blunt person – maybe a disastrous combination, but we can always learn from him. He either does something we can learn from or ask questions, we hide in our heart.
  6. ‘But many who are first will be last, and the last first.’ – in the world it seems that many evil people are just strolling through life and succeeding at  it. They have the money, the enjoyment and no worries. But we shouldn’t look at them and covet their lives, because their souls are gone. This life is short and eternity is looong – are we going to really risk money and other flesh things, just to burn in hell for eternity?! I don’t think so. Oooh… you don’t want to wait that long. Well just let God handle it. God doesn’t turn a blind eye to evil, He knows how He’s going to handle it, that it will shock our imaginations. Revenge belongs to the Lord, let Him handle the business. Of course, it is never easy, but that’s why we have a comforter to help us out, when we are down in our spirit and guess who He is … Of course the Holy Spirit!

Matthew 20

  1. It did make sense that the labourers should be paid more, since they had been working more and started earlier, but they did make an agreement to have a denarius a day, so the landowner was just. I feel like the landowner was God. He chose to high the labourers and He gives His love and gifts equally to all, even if they started early or if they came in last. Those that are just standing there saying, ‘Because no one hired us…’ are people who lost, they don’t have no purpose, or they don’t know what their purpose is. When the landowner/God calls to them, He gives them purpose and treats them equally. Sometimes there are people who are called to ministry and we can be surprised, because we have doubts, but God has a will/plan for them. He has seen their beginning and He knows their end. He sees into the hearts of men, and He knows how to help them grow into the person that they need to be.
  2. Seeking honour but at what price? Do we truly understand the cost of glory?
  3. I like how Jesus refers to the Gentiles in Verse 25 – since the Israelites were/and still are God’s chosen people, they shouldn’t be acting like the Gentiles and looking to exercise their authority within each other.
  4. Jesus tells us how to live, with the spirit of servitude. Where we are humble and aim to help others, bringing them closer to Christ and establishing a relationship with God.
  5. From Verse 30, It did get confusing! I thought that I was reading the same chapter again, so I thought ‘Woop, woop! I can skip this chapter, I’ve already read it.’ But as I moved on, I noticed that it was different.
  6. Again it is two blind people who are calling out to Jesus, saying ‘Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David!’ – Now previously, I said that it was surprising that two people who have never laid a seeing eye on Jesus, would refer to Him as the Messiah, so we can brush it aside here. However, this is different because, the two blind people were being quietened by the crowd/multitude, but still the two blind men, just called louder and louder. Amazing! We can have situations that may seem as though it is drowning out are calls for help, however, it should be our calls, that are drowning out are situation. Jesus was prepared to help them, He just needed them to scream it from their hearts that they need His help.
  7. Not from the bible, but from The Prince of Egypt (fav movie!): “Elohim, God on high, can you hear your people cry? Help us now, this dark hour… Deliver us, hear our call, deliver us, Lord of all!” – Of course He can, that’s why He sent Moses to you! ┏(・o・)┛♪┗ (・o・) ┓

Matthew 21

  1. We’ve all heard this story, well I hope we all have. There are many stories in the bible I haven’t heard or I may have heard the skimmed milk version of, but I digress. So this is the very first time I have ever asked myself why Jesus came to town on a donkey. Well, the Holy Spirit is a teacher and a teacher is supposed to teach you something new, help you grow education-wise; therefore, for the first time, I did some research on donkeys – research as in Wikipedia (so my source may be iffy).
  2. Apparently (this is my disclaimer :p ) donkeys are known to be stubborn, they have a strong prey instinct and a weaker connection to man. Of course once you have one their confidence, they are willing and playful. Donkeys were used as beasts of burden. Donkeys are even known to be impure animals in the Jewish culture – now that we have learnt so much about donkeys in these last few minutes, lets apply it to the Word.
  3. Jesus says ‘Loose them and bring them to Me…’ So Jesus has told His disciples to bring a donkey and its baby (colt – male donkey/horse). ‘Them’ is in italics! So, I feel like it can be interpreted as humanity’s burdens be loosed and we are drawn to Jesus Christ, to God. Why do I think we are represented by the donkey, because as humans we are stubborn. The Israelites were a stubborn race and even now we are stubborn. You would think that we would turn away from our sins quickly and do the things of God, but we find it difficult. We have a tendency to avoid the right things, until something extreme has happened. We are even preys, even though we can’t always see it. We are preys to the enemy, to the devil and his demons. Our connection to God was/is weak.
  4. Jesus has freed us from being preys to the enemy, by keeping us close to Him. We have a connection to God, because of Him, because He has torn the veil, that hid God from us – Matthew 27:51. I like that Jesus sits on the donkey. He has loosened our burdens, but now we carry Jesus on our backs. Matthew 11:29-30 says, “Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” Our old burdens are no longer ours, we don’t have issues because Jesus will handle them. The only burden we have is Jesus’ and His was to bring people to God, to help them know God truly.
  5. Donkeys are apparently impure… so why is Jesus riding on a donkey, wouldn’t that make Him impure? No. I feel like the donkey represents everyone, including the Gentiles. We are impure, but Jesus has still chosen us. He can still purify us and make us useful, give us a purpose.
  6. I don’t know if Jesus was riding two animals or one, but in the end, it was like a chain reaction. Because one is loosened, the other is also loosened. Also it’s funny because I would assume that many people thought the Messiah would ride on a horse, since horses are seen as majestic creatures/war animals. But like Jesus said, “He has come to serve and not be served” (paraphrase). But He did all this to fulfil the Word that was spoken by the prophet.
  7. Fig trees withering away – I used to think Jesus had a temper-tantrum because He was hungry, but it makes sense. The tree did not bear fruit, when it was supposed to, so therefore, it had not fulfilled its purpose and it no longer had its uses. Even Matthew 7:19 confirms it – “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”
  8. It is not always the people that we expect to receive the kingdom of God. We have to stop judging people from the outside and excluding them from the sanctuary/shelter that is known as Jesus and start drawing them in, assisting them in this life. We need to imitate our Father and see people’s heart. We need to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment, so that we can see the diamond in the rough, so that we can see people how God seems them.
  9. Verse 41 – lol! The chief priests are practically telling Jesus, that He will give what was given to them, to others, the ‘sinners,’ the Gentiles.
  10. We really should take time to worship and sing praises to God, because it might be the worship song that helps you understand what a verse is on about. Verse 42, talks about a stone which is rejected. I know that people would straight away assume that Jesus is that stone, that are foundations are based on, but it actually took me some time to get it, until I started singing Hillsong’s Cornerstone :

“Christ alone; cornerstone.
Weak made strong; in the Saviour’s love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of all”

  • Verse 44 confused me. Any ideas? Or shall I wait for my bible study group?

Matthew 22

  1.  I didn’t write much for this because I felt that it was self-explanatory
  2. God had invited certain people (Israelites) but most did not adhere to His call, so God now called upon those who were good or bad, but they weren’t the chosen people. Now later on in Verse 11-12, a man is seen in inappropriate clothing and is eventually chucked out. We weren’t the chosen people at first, but we are lucky to be invited to His kingdom. We have the opportunity and we must seize it. We always need to be prepared and equipped, or we will be seen as imperfect or disregarding the grace that God has given us, and be chucked out as well.

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