Matthew: Holy Spirit to the Rescue! Keep the Faith! Principles!

Jesus the real superhero

Matthew 16 – 18

Matthew 16

  1. Is it rude that I think there were many times when Jesus was rolling His eyes at His disciples? There are times when I read the Word and I’m like ‘duh!’ Of course, He ain’t talking about bread, you numpty, but then who is to say I would even understand it, if I was there at the time. I mean, I always ask the Holy Spirit for help when I read the Word, so how do I know it is my own reasoning and not the Holy Spirit. I mean in Verse 17, Jesus confirms that Peter didn’t know that Jesus was Christ, because of His own wisdom, but by the Father, by the works of the Holy Spirit.
  2. I’m so happy that Jesus confirms that the ‘bread’ He was talking about wasn’t actually bread bread, but bread for the soul. In the Lord’s prayer, we say, ‘Give us this day, our daily bread..’ Bread is food and it is vital that we eat to survive. Of course, in this manner, I think bread is used as a metaphor for the ‘Word’ and the Word is used to keep our spirit alive and kicking. The Word is used to edify us and help us grow stronger and deeper in our relationship with the Lord. It say ‘give us this day’ so that means we should be taking in the Word everyday, we need to be asking for insight when reading the bible everyday, because the bible is just words without the Holy Spirit bringing it alive to us. It reminds me of Acts 8:26-40, where an Ethiopian man (Gentile, Gentile, Gentile woop woop!) was attempting to read the scriptures, but he didn’t understand anything and the Philip lead by an angel of God, goes to him and preaches Jesus. The Ethiopian man then decides right there and right now, he wants to get baptised. Heaven must have been rejoicing! Imagine if Philip ignored the prompting of the Lord. The Holy Spirit was with Philip, and he was able to minister the Word, to the Ethiopian because of the Holy Spirit was using Philip as a vessel.
  3. We have to be careful of those that try to push new or twisted doctrine on us, because it means that it isn’t influenced from the Holy Spirit, and if it isn’t influenced from the Holy Spirit, then it means that it is influenced from Satan and we know where that path takes us. God told us not to take or add to the Word – Revelation 22:19
  4. We refer to ourselves as the church, so in Verse 18, I can rightly assume that the gates of Hades aka evil shall not prevail against us! Greater is He who is in us, than those that are in the world – paraphrasing 1 John 4:4 ❤ Actually one of my fave verses, that keeps me going, strengthens me and pushes away the fear! Love you G!
  5. WoOow! From blessing Peter, to saying ‘Get behind Me, Satan!’ If I was Peter, I would be so confused. I think it shows us that we need to be in communion with the Holy Spirit at all times, because we could be doing/saying things that we deem to be righteous or wise and it is the complete opposite. Jesus even says ‘… for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.’ I bet you that Peter thought what he was saying was correct, even I could see the sense in what he was saying. I don’t think anybody would want to see Jesus die at the cross, if they knew Him straight up. But then again, if Jesus didn’t do what He did, many souls would be rotting in hell and not knowing the amazing feeling of having a relationship with God. I mean if Peter read the old testament, maybe he wouldn’t have said anything, since he would already know that, that Jesus path. So you could say the lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. It also reminds me of that bible Verse – 1st Corinthians 1:25 – ‘Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.’ – Our wisdom doesn’t even match up to God’s foolishness and we all know that God isn’t a foolish God, so that difference is humongous.
  6. ❤ Another fave of mine – ‘For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?’ – We’ve got to remember that the time that we have on this earth is nothing in comparison to the eternity either in heaven, earth or hell. I’m hoping that we will see each other in heaven or earth and that no one that we know, family, friends, internet buddies, the world basically will perish in hell. Where are we storing up our treasures? Is it in heaven? If not, then you are wasting your time and life.

Matthew 17

  1. I wonder why they made tabernacles… well in Peter’s case why he wanted to make a tabernacle? Did some quick research and apparently a tabernacle is a dwelling place for the divine. So Peter wanted to make a dwelling place for Moses, Elijah and Jesus, based on that definition?? I don’t understand why he would make one for Jesus, since Jesus has been walking, talking and eating with them. So why would he need one? Can I assume that Moses and Elijah showed up from heaven, so they wouldn’t need a dwelling place, because they aren’t God. They shouldn’t be bouncing around from heaven to earth. Plus if people knew about the tabernacle, they’d probably start worshipping that area, rather than worshipping God. It would probably turn into another form of idolatry. However, it could also mean the tent of meeting? So maybe Peter, thought he was being wise to create a place for them to speak. I mean it’s courage for him to interrupt a conversation with Moses, Elijah and a transfigured Jesus. I bet it’s like one of those situations, where you are so confused, you just say something to make you sound smart.
  2. I like how Jesus tells them to not be afraid. Jesus was the only person they saw, when the disciples opened their eyes. I feel like Jesus was representing God the Father. I know it sounds weird, but Jesus is God, everything that comes from His mouth is the Word, and He only speaks what the Father wants Him to say. Therefore, I think that God the Father was sad that they were afraid. God is love, so why should we fear. You’re not afraid of your father’s voice, so why should we be afraid of our Father’s voice. It should be a comfort, not something to make us cower. When I see the word, ‘fear,’ I see it as respect. We shouldn’t go abusing God’s love for us, we need to respect Him and give Him the adoration, He deserves.
  3. Whenever Jesus is doing something super-super cool, He always say do not tell anyone! I would assume that if He told the people, they would flock to Him so quickly and probably wouldn’t have stoned and killed Him. However, they would have worshipped and exalted Him, which isn’t a bad thing to an extent. Remember Jesus is God in flesh. So temptation is strong, if they had started to worship Him on earth, then He would have found it difficult to die to cross. I mean even the devil tempted Him – ‘Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” ’ – Matthew 4:8-9. I don’t think that was the last time the devil tempted Jesus, or it wouldn’t be fair on us, since we are tempted almost everyday.
  4. This is a new one – ‘O faithless and perverse generation…’ Jesus is always coming out with something new, that I know that I would enjoy hanging out with Him, since He has no filter. From Verse 14-17, it reminds me of when Jesus went back to His country to preach, but He didn’t do many mighty miracles, because of the people’s unbelief – Matthew 13:58. Of course Jesus could do it, but what’s the point of doing miracles, if the people that surrounds You is going to dismiss it, blame on some occult spirit or turn it around to blaspheme God. In this case, it is not so different, but instead they do not believe in the disciples’ power. The attitude is, ‘If Jesus can’t do it, then nobody can,’ runs through my mind. But the man should have noticed that the disciples, weren’t doing it according to their own power, but by the power that Jesus had given to them by grace. There are so many people that God has blessed with certain gifts and talents, and we may overlook them because they aren’t the pastor, priestess, deacon, reverend, anybody in a high position etc. but remember God likes to work in mysterious ways and His funny, so He is always going to surprise us. It could literally be a baby that heals you from sickness, because God has parted in that child a great gift for His ministry. I mean Jesus was preaching to those that were scholars in the old testament.
  5. I can completely understand Jesus’ frustration. Examples, after examples and they are still not getting it. Being the only righteous person on the planet, surrounded by sinners, who only want a miracles, must be hard. Think like this… You are surrounded by people you don’t like (we’re Christians we don’t hate, we just hate the sin :p ), day and night, you show the love of God, you turn the other cheek and still they hate you. They come to you and ask for your help, you give them that help, just for them to turn against you and attack you once more. I would be frustrated as well. Luckily, God only gives us what we can bear 😉
  6. Lol, even the disciples didn’t believe in themselves. Actually that’s not a funny matter. There are many times I don’t believe in myself or doubt comes, even though I’m standing on the Word. We’ve been given gifts and talents, and yet we have no faith in using it to further God’s kingdom. I’m basically preaching to myself. I have a gift, I was told last year what it was. Of course, it was exciting, I felt like a superhero for a couple of seconds. It was like I had received the conformation that the Holy Spirit was with me, He hasn’t given up on me and I can still be used. – I used to have a lot of insecurities, but now I only have some 😛 Don’t worry God is still sorting me out. I think my biggest issue is that I couldn’t speak in tongues, so I wondered if the Holy Spirit actually resided in me?! I say ‘couldn’t,’ as though it’s a past term, but I still don’t right now, but I know it will come when God wants it to come, I mean I desire it, so why not?! Anyway, after I was told my gift, I started to panic inside, I was like “what is this burden that you have placed on me.” Even today, I’m afraid/shy to use my gift, in case it doesn’t work out so well, which is probably detrimental, but I want to be told when to use it. I just want something – uggh I’m moaning now. Father, forgive me!
  7. ‘However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.’ – Sooo… He reprimands them, only to say, well this one goes away by prayer and fasting (this is why Jesus is funny). But it’s a good point. I think He was testing their hearts, whether they had learnt anything from what He had showed and ministered to them. He even turned their test into a teaching. You need to know when to ‘Decree and Declare’ and when to ‘Pray and Fast.’ Jesus has probably already done the whole fasting and we know that He enjoys His quiet time – which I assume is His fellowship with the Holy Spirit and prayer time.
  8. Matthew wrote ‘Matthew’ right? It might just be called ‘Matthew’ but Tobi actually wrote it. I mean, I don’t think Hebrews wrote ‘Hebrews.’ Anyway , it looks like Matthew was being sarcastic when he wrote ‘temple’ tax. It’s like he understood what temple actually meant, not what the Pharisees and the those who collected tax, had reduced it to. We are the temple of God, not the building!
  9. I don’t want to ignore the ‘coin appearing in the fish’ miracle, but it’s the bit where Jesus says, “Then the sons are free.” We are free, we are not strangers, since we have declared God as our Father, so should we be paying church ’taxes’ ? Now I don’t want people, to come and say T.S. Emrys told them not to pay their tithe/offering, but rather think about what your offering is about? Do you give joyfully, to show appreciation for what God has done for you, or is it another thing that you mark down as eating your budget. I have felt guilt for not giving anything during tithe (when I didn’t have a job) or offering (when I don’t have any actual money), but there shouldn’t be any guilt, unless you covet money before God.

Matthew 18

  1. “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” – there are times when you think the disciples were not in the right mind, but if you think about it, it is a typical human question. We can lie to ourselves, but we want to be at the top, we want people to acknowledge us and for them to know that we have arrived – hence the fashionable late phrase. However, when it comes to kingdom principles, we need to understand that we are only able to do things by mercy and salvation. We shouldn’t be thinking about our position, but how can God use us in our situation.
  2. Little children are innocent. They look up to their father and mothers, and imitate what they see. That is how we are supposed to see. Imitate our God, but understand that there is a limit to what we can do, but we can always look to God for help in everything. It’s a good thing to bring ‘little children’ to God, because they will have a deep foundation in God. Plus it prevents other outside influences that can defer them from the path, that God has destined for them.
  3. I don’t want people going around maiming themselves, but I assume that what Jesus is saying is, if something causes you to sin, get rid of it and don’t turn back to it. For example, if you suffer from gluttony, you wouldn’t want to have a mini-fridge in your room or a cupboard dedicated to snacks. If porn is your problem, block the sites that you know is an issue, avoid the store that sells you the mag and where even the shop-keeper knows you by name. Have someone you can talk to it about – a confidante, that will help you steer off that track. If lying is an issues, keep your mouth shut. Only open it, if you know that what is going to come is the honest. Better to shut your mouth, than lie your way to hell.
  4. Jesus is a passionate person! Every soul counts. Especially if you are lost. Just one soul saved, gets heaven partying! Jesus will run to the end of the earths for you. He will actually die for you. He did!
  5. There are some people that believe that life is a game and that we are chess pieces/pawns. But if we were pawns, then why would Jesus say, ‘Even so it is not the will of your Father who in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.’ – Our souls are not for a game, we are not a toys. If we were a game, why the heck would Jesus die on the cross for us? Doesn’t make any sense for me. There are many people who I love, but dying, and not only dying but being humiliated ,I would not do for. Honesty is the best policy, no offence. Don’t worry, I’m praying for that agape love, but it’s gonna take time you know.
  6. Verse 19 & 20 = why fellowship is important and why as Christians it is important that we go to church, bible study, etc and pray together!
  7. I used to like Peter a lot, before I started this journey. I mean when he betrayed Jesus, it bothered me, but it didn’t diminish him in my eyes. I’m not saying that he has fallen since my bible study journey, but rather, he isn’t on a pedestal anymore. His human and he has his faults. In fact, I’m so grateful for, since we can learn from him and it’s weird but he reflects certain characteristics that we have. I remember how I didn’t like Paul for sometime because of his comment about women (I can’t wait to read that and see what the Holy Spirit tells me), but now he’s like my don. Looking forward to hitting Acts and starting that journey.
  8. Forgiveness is important! All these people holding grudges, you better let it go, because if God held a grudge we would be having all sorts of diseases. We may not even see the age of 10, because we all know that we had to sense to know what is good and what is evil, after 5. We wouldn’t even have salvation without Jesus! We were actually bought by His blood, hence why we have forgiveness – “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” – 1 Corinthians 6:20. Also since we are made in the image of God, shouldn’t we not imitate our Father, and also show forgiveness as well?

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