Matthew: Parables, Sinking in your Man-Made Doubts, Eyes!

Drowning in stress

Matthew 13 – 15

Matthew 13

  1. I love 13 because it has the parables but Jesus took time with the disciples to expand and explain it to them ❤ Sometimes, there can be passages in the bible that just leads to confusion (aka Job) and you feel like you have lost a hour of your life but not gained anything. However, the disciples showed wisdom by asking Jesus what the parables meant. If they had not, would have been able to understand what Jesus was on about? Maybe, if we are wise enough to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, as we read the Word, before we actually start to read it. I’ve been exercising it. I ask the Holy Spirit for help, when I don’t get something and then I think about it and the answer reveals it or something will lead me to another webpage or one of my Christian friends will explain it to me that will just open my eyes.
  2. The fact of the matter is, the only reason we can understand the Word and doesn’t seem like rubbish, like the rest of the world sees it, is because of the Holy Spirit. We have been graced by the Holy Spirit and he reveals to us these mysteries, the things that unlocks the mysteries to why we are on this earth , what our purpose is and how much our God loves us.
  3. Focussing on them, italics! ‘Blessed are your eyes for they see,’ stressing on the ‘are.’ The fact that we can see and hear spiritually, gives us an advantage. We have a closer access to the Lord. It explains why those two blind men in Chapter 9 called Jesus, the Son of David, even though they had never seen Him before. Spiritually seeing the truth! That is discernment right there! And because they could see Jesus for who He was, they were able to be healed physical = blessing!
  4. I really want to know why there is a stress on ‘men’ for Verse 17. I don’t know if Jesus is referring to the prophets of the past and their desire to see the person that Isaiah had spoken about, or if Jesus was using sarcasm and referring to how the Pharisees believed that they were righteous, so they would see the Messiah straight away and already understand everything that He had to bring
  5. Continuing in Verse 17, Jesus says ‘it’ a few times and of course it is in italics, so I’m going to analysis it. At first I thought it was the Holy Spirit, but Jesus has always referred to the Holy Spirit as the ‘Holy Spirit.’ Plus that would be to rude, since the Holy Spirit is a person, not an it. The only thing I can think of is the Word. Jesus is basically the Word, right? So He came to them and they did not see what they were supposed to see. I mean, if they knew who He was, I don’t think they would have sent Him to the cross in that manner. Jesus also spoke a lot right, just preaching the Word to the people and people need to hear and understand the Word to receive Him.
  6. All we need is small faith in God, like a mustard seed. It doesn’t matter the size that we start of with, because God is God. He will help us and we will see how that small faith that we started with, will be so large, we may not even remember the beginning/past of who we used to be.
  7. Verse 33 – confuses me slightly, so opinion please?! Does it mean that the kingdom of heaven is hidden, until it is ready to rise? All those who know of the kingdom of heaven and wait for it, will know when it will come. Therefore, we need to know the kingdom of heaven, need to understand and live by kingdom principles, to prepare ourselves for our Lord’s return???
  8. Verse 58 – “Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” – we wonder why God doesn’t do many miracles as He did before. The answer is in front of us… FAITH! We have to believe and not put Him in a box, of what He can do and not do! “If faith can move the mountains. Let the mountains move. We come with expectation. Waiting here for You!” – Christy Nockels (Waiting Here For You)

Matthew 14

  1. The problem with having/coveting something that does not belong to you or you know isn’t good for you, is that it will cause you more trouble than you had hoped for. Herod greed/lust for his brother’s wife made him promise/take an oath to kill and behead John, which he didn’t want to do, because he feared the repercussion of John’s disciples and the people that believed his teaching. This is the same with King David. He was staring/lusting after someone that was not his own, even with the many wives and concubines he had, and in the end he committed adultery and purposely killed Uriah, as a way to hide his secret – 2nd Samuel 11:5-27. Going after something that you know is not yours or God has revealed to it as not yours, will only lead you to more trouble. Of course David is known for a man after God’s own heart and when his eyes were opened to the error of his ways, he of course repented and did what he needed to do.
  2. Jesus is the perfect man! His cousin, John the Baptist had just been beheaded and when He goes off to a quiet place, I assume to mourn his life, the people come to join him. Any ‘normal’ person would have said, “not today. My cousin has just died, I need time to think,” but instead Jesus looking at them with compassion and decided to heal the sick. That is love! God loves on a deeper level than we could understand. Just think about anybody that you have lost or any situation you are going through, and then think about if you would be willing to help people, these same people that will eventually put you on the cross… I don’t think so!
  3. I like Peter, because he took that leap of faith. In a way he acted like a child. He saw Jesus walking on the water, so he had already decided that he would also walk on water. Peter also understood that it wasn’t by his own power that he would be able to walk on water, but by Jesus. That there is wisdom!
  4. This is when it all goes downhill and Peter sinks. There are times when we will be surrounded by noise, distractions of the world, that can seem worrying and scary, but we have to focus on Jesus. Yes, lets acknowledge that there is trouble around us, but don’t let that fear in. Jesus said in Verse 31 to Peter, ‘O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” He didn’t say ‘why did you look elsewhere,’ but ‘why did you doubt.’ Beforehand, Peter had said, ‘Lord, save me!’ It was Jesus that told him to come, so why is he saying ‘Lord, save me.’ Peter should have kept the faith, that allowed him to walk on the water the first place. Jesus probably saw the storm, but knew that Peter would not come to harm, but in fact it would help him grow, that it would be used as a testimony and it is used as a testimony, but maybe not the way Jesus had planned it to go. We should never doubt that God will not save us, since He is always there and we are not in deep danger as we think, even though the world is screaming at us, that we are.
  5. Verse 36 says ‘and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well.’ Similar story to the women who bleed for 12 years, but the key is the ‘it’ – the garment is the ‘it,’ but maybe and I know it will contradict what was said previously in Chapter 13, but could Matthew have been saying it, as in the Holy Spirit? Basically, the people thought Jesus clothing was ‘magical,’ that if they touched it, they would be healed – so it is only seen as an it. However, there is so much more to it, because they are actually tapping into the Holy Spirit’s power?!

Matthew 15

  1. Jesus said it well enough. Hypocrites! Perverting the Word of God, for your own needs, will not get you anywhere. Instead it will reveal you for the fool you are and lead you down a dangerous path. The Pharisees’ cared about washing their hands, but completely disregarded the ‘honour your father and your mother,’ command. The fact that every life/soul is worth so much to God, but things that have no meaning, like how I wash my hands, or what I put in my body is above that, is basically demonic. It isn’t showing the love of God, it is the complete opposite. It is basically religion, you do something in the law because it is easy, but if you step out of your comfort zone, or if it disrupts your lifestyle or what you want, then you disregard it. You believe that it is old doctrine that doesn’t apply to your life.
  2. I hope to believe that I am not the type to honour and worship God with only my lips and my heart far away from him. There are some times when I have noticed that I am drawing away from God, but then again worship is not on my mind at the time and I usually notice because my mind wanders down a dangerous path. That’s when I go back and I thank God for His mercy and build up our relationship again.
  3. Verse 11, ‘but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.’ Later on in Verse 18, Jesus says ‘but those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man.’ I take these two verses differently, but then again that’s just me. It reminds me of Matthew 12:34, that your words basically represents you. People can tell your character by the way you speak and what you say. I also think that Verse 11 may mean that what you say, though you don’t believe it, can eventually may an impact on or change you. For example, if you repeatedly tell yourself something over and over, you eventually accept it as truth. That’s why I have made it my duty to annoy/bother my flatmate whenever she says negative things about herself. It reminds me of my younger sister, who constantly called and felt that she was stupid. I was the one that would have to keep reminding her that she isn’t stupid. As a child of God you can’t be stupid. There will be people out there, telling you that you are stupid, but God is omniscient aka He knows your beginning and end; therefore, He knows your talents, strengths and weakness. In fact, He uses are weakness to show how great He is and how we can always depend on Him. – 2nd Corinthians 12:9. It sounds weird but those that have a lot of weakness are lucky, especially when they have a relationship with God, because they are more likely to leave everything in God’s hand. They are more likely to have an amazing relationship with God, that I’m starting to get jealous 😛 Anyone, I am losing the plot and must continue with my bible study. Note, that my sister who used to call herself stupid, is at university, achieving above 90% in exams and is have a ultra fantastic relationship with the Holy Spirit, that I was jealous for 5 seconds but then rejoiced because God’s love is abundant!
  4. Verse 14, ‘Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind.’ At first, I was thinking, “They aren’t physically blind, but spiritually blind, since they can’t see Jesus for who He is. Alright, but shouldn’t Jesus try to open their eyes, because blind people can’t ‘see’ without help.” It did bother me, that Jesus said ‘Let them alone,’ I mean didn’t He come to save these people and help them see that it was time to repent from their wicked ways?! But revelation came (I think… Thank you Holy Spirit) and I think it means that those who want help and want to see will come and ask for it. So if the Pharisees want to be opened spiritually, they would have stopped plotting to kill or destroy Jesus’ name and turned to Him wholeheartedly, but that wasn’t the case. You can’t help those who don’t want help. If you think about it, I assume that blind people only see darkness and if you refer to John 3:20, which says – ‘For everyone practising evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.’ So if you are spiritually blind and you like it, then you are going to hate anybody that is spiritually seeing, since it goes against everything you want.
  5. Another thing is, as Christians we should be opening people’s eyes to the light, because if we don’t do anything then there will be people leading these blind people into a ditch, and I can assume that ‘ditch’ is synonyms for hell. We have to be the ones to reveal to them, what is right and wrong and who Jesus Christ is.
  6. Now that I have discovered italics, it is taking me longer to read the bible and I’m debating a way in my head about why they would use it in this/that sentence. So in Verse 20 it says, ‘These are the things which defile a man..’ ‘The things,’ could be another phrase for the fruit of the flesh, which is mentioned in Galatians 5:19-21 and in the previous Verse 19.
  7. Nowadays, we are supposed to not care about where people come from or their background, but when you look at Verse 22, it clearly states where the woman came from – ‘behold, a woman of Canaan came…’ Now, scanning my memories, I do remember the Canaanites being evil-doers and one of the archenemies of the Israelites, so how those this Canaanite, a woman nonetheless, get the courage to walk up to Jesus, speak to Him and ask for help. What surprised me more, is that she referred to Jesus as the Son of David. Like first the two blind people, who can’t even see Jesus and now a Canaanite, who probably has several idols her people worships. Spiritual discernment! The Israelites should have known Jesus was the Messiah and here we have a Canaanite, who I assumed was a pagan worshipper, knowing straight away that He was the Son of David. Like woOow! She must have been reading the old testament or the Torah in secret or something.
  8. It does seem harsh in Verse 24, because Jesus essentially says I haven’t come to save you, I have come to return the Israelites back to God. I mean it’s understandable. Jesus came to fulfil the Word. His main aim was to fulfil the promises that God had said and preach the Good News. I mean it’s not like Jesus didn’t love us (Gentiles), but He did according to His Father’s will and God’s will was to bring back the Israelites. In fact, Jesus showed how much He loved us, by healing the Roman and even healing this woman’s daughter in Verse 28. I think Jesus was a chain reaction. Without the Israelites not turning back, we wouldn’t have Paul speaking to the Gentiles or Jesus telling his disciples to go and spread the Word before His Ascension.
  9. ❤ Love this woman’s wisdom in Verse 27 – Not a lot of people could keep up with Jesus’ wisdom and parables, even myself I get lost and here is this woman applying wisdom to receive grace from Jesus. She knew her position and she knew that she wasn’t entitled to what the Israelites had, and she acknowledged and applied wisdom. She must have been reading the old testament or the Holy Spirit must have been ministering to her, because that is just amazing. I know sometimes people think that bible doesn’t show a lot of ‘female power,’ but we must remember the times and in fact there are many places where woman are shown to have intelligence/wisdom, determination, righteousness and were walking with God and not like second-class citizens. They may be small snippets but the impact is always huge. Quality over Quantity 😉
  10. Why the emphasis on ‘the’ ?
  11. Verse 32, Jesus is sooo testing His disciples. We all know how compassionate Jesus is and it is blatant that Jesus could make it rain pasta if He wanted to and yet here He is, telling His disciples a scenario. It was sooo a test. I honestly think He was testing their response, if they would say the right thing. I mean he already fed 5000 people previously with 5 loaves and 2 fishes – Matthew 14:13-21, so why make a scene about it. None of the disciples reminded Him of what He did before, they just said, ‘Where could we get enough bread in the wilderness to fill such a great multitude?’ – I mean, come on! I really wanna say ‘last week, since it was a chapter ago, but I don’t know how many days have gone by since chapter 15 occurs,’ but either way, they had completely forgotten about what Jesus did… and that is exactly what we do know. God does something for us, we are amazed, we give the best praise and worship song and we move on, until something else comes along, another situation and we completely forget that God helped us with the previous issue. Even though, He could obviously help us with this new issue. In fact, Jesus was feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, and the new situation called for Him to feed 4000 with 7 loaves and a few little fishes. We have less people and more food = the problem is smaller and there’s more assistance?! So why couldn’t the disciples just relied on Jesus to handle this situation.

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