Matthew: Hello Johnny


Matthew 11

  1. Is it not the same John that baptised Jesus and recognised Him as the Messiah first in Matthew 3? I feel like John would have had confirmation when he heard God the Father’s voice from heaven and the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus like a dove, so why send his disciples to ask Jesus if he is the one?!
  2. I think maybe because he is held in prison. Nobody wants to go to prison and back then, I don’t think prison was ethical back then, so maybe John was asking to bring hope and light into his situation. To enjoy his suffering, by knowing that the Messiah is here to ‘complete His work.’
  3. Jesus then tells John’s disciples that ’…the blind see and the lame walk…’ Jesus used this to confirm who He was. I think as Ambassadors of Christ, we should be able to say these things as confirmation of who we are in Christ.
  4. Why did Jesus say “but what did you go out to see?” approx 3 times (the first time was a variation of it)
  5. Jesus then goes on to say that John the Baptist is the greatest (of course excluding himself from the equation), however, because he did not come into this world dressed in fine clothing, but camel’s hair and would eat locusts and wild honey, the world did not receive him, they didn’t like him. Hence why he is in prison. The world looks at people from the outside, they probably thought that Jesus would be born into a Pharisee or Sadducee’s household, but this is God who was born in a manger.
  6. Verse 11 says “but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” I nearly interpreted this wrong, but I finally think I understand. If you are least in the kingdom of heaven, that means you have stored little to none treasures in heaven, that means all your treasures are here in this world. That you have not seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness; therefore, the only place for you is hell. However, because this world is being manipulated/deceived/controlled by the devil, the fact that you do not seek God or His righteousness means that you would be great in this world. It’s funny because we are only righteous through the sacrifice and salvation given to us by Jesus Christ, so seeking God’ righteousness is like seeking Jesus Christ and we have a beautiful helper, goes by the name of Holy Spirit to help us do so.
  7. Verse 17 shows us how the people back then didn’t respond to what was given to them correctly. John came they didn’t receive him and it’s obvious that they will not receive Jesus either, only a few will. But a few is what is needed to pave the way, so imagine if we as individuals were able to step out and call non-believer onto Christ and start a chain reaction.
  8. The italics again! Verse 25, ‘I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.” – Reading this I laughed. I think that if Jesus didn’t have to go to the cross and just stayed on earth longer than the 33years He had, He would be a funny person to hang out with. He would be blunt, straight to the point and causing trouble. He would say something without no filter that I would probably drag Him out, just so we wouldn’t be beaten up, but He would have no fear, because He knew who He was. I would probably know but still fear for my life and then He would say, ‘Oh T.S. Emrys, why do you have so little Faith in Me, in the Father.’ I’d giggle it off, but He would know that it stirred my heart.
  9. Losing the plot! Back-tracking. The way ‘the’ is written, sounded so sarcastic in my head. I can imagine Jesus thinking, these people think they are wise

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