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Enemies vs Friends

Hi! Soo… I’m doing the 40-day New Testament Challenge, but I’m already behind 2 days (trying to catch up today!) and so this is what I got from my ‘1st’ day. Why don’t you join me and tell me what you got from it. As you can/cannot tell, I’ve done it shorthand/bullet points and it may not flow so well, since it is the inner working of my mind 😛

Matthew 1

  1. Your background doesn’t define you
  2. Not defined by our gender either
  3. Dangerous mind of the flesh à twisting something Holy, into impurity. Jesus born of the Holy Spirit and not of flesh, not of another man’s semen
  4. Joseph took it straight away, from sleep. How many times have we doubted what God has laid in our mind, our hearts, our dreams?

Matthew 2

  1. There are people in our life, who are not for us. They are destiny destroyers. Enemy of progress
  2. Pretend to help, but want to destroy. Only the Holy Spirit can guide us away from those people. Only He can reveal to us their wicked hearts/plan – Only God knows the hearts of men
  3. Joseph heard God’s word and obeyed straight away. Do I even do that? How many times does He tell me, before I go? God’s mercy is bountiful, but I don’t want to push Him to an extent, that He departs from my presence

Matthew 3

  1. It doesn’t matter what background you are from, all can repent
  2. No matter how big the sin is, if your heart is prepared to repent, God will show mercy on you
  3. You cannot get away saying that my father/mother is a pastor, so God will forgive me. No! We must work on our salvation individually. It is a relationship between myself and God. Not myself, you, my sister, my husband, my mother-in-law, my next door neighbour’s monkey and God
  4. It has amazed me that Jesus, who is Christ was baptised by John who is a lowly human. Not born of the Spirit. Jesus truly humbled himself. There are people at the top, who no longer know the meaning of humble. That is one of my greatest fear. That I will forget the Lord, that I will forget all that He has done for me, and exalt myself before others and even God
  5. Verse 16: ‘Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him’ – does this mean that Jesus through born of the Spirit, did not have the Holy Spirit yet, to move through His power?

Matthew 4

  1. The Christian life is not going to be an easy ride. We will be tested, but the Holy Spirit is there to help us grow out of it. To overcome it.
  2. Sometimes we think of Jesus so far away from us, that we believe that we can’t do what He did. But we can! He told us that we will do more great and powerful things. He has given us, His Holy Spirit, to do these things
  3. The fact that He conquered temptation and sin, means that we can do it as well. We must just train and do what Jesus did.
  4. “Jesus did things to fulfil the prophecy.” However, Jesus is the Word. Everything that God has spoken, is the Word and Jesus is the Word. I don’t know how to explain it. Jesus is it. He did it, because God has spoken it, commanded it. God had already said it a long time ago. It is not that He read the word and thought that He would just do it. It is because He already knew before He came down in human flesh. He didn’t just do things to fulfil the prophecy, He is the prophecy

Matthew 5

  1. Jesus said “I did not come to destroy but to fulfil.” I could disclaim my thinking. Thank God for His Word, sometimes reasoning can cloud the Word that God wants you to take from it.
  2. It is doing to be difficult to do good, to those that do evil unto you, only by the power of God, can I truly do something like that

Matthew 6

  1. Verse 11: “Give us this day OUR daily bread” (Evangelism/Precious/Pastor – still need to write my feelings on this)
  2. Careful not to abuse verse 25-26, God uses other humans/Christians to feed those that are in need. Therefore, as Ambassadors for Christ, we must be prepared to depart with things to help those in need. This is the gift of Love, that God has given unto us. This is truly God within us. Walking with the Holy Spirit
  3. I used to be annoyed with Jesus, whenever He would admonish the disciples, saying “O you of little faith,” … Personally, I think Jesus was upset/disappointed. God has done so many wonderful things, has proved himself time after time. The whole world/galaxy/universe is a testimony to His presence, but we ignore it and we doubt God. The fact that the disciples had God walking with them and they still doubted, I too would understand Jesus’ frustration.

Matthew 7

  1. Verse 7-8, do we actually ever ask? Are we afraid to bring our request to God? Do we just fear God? Sometimes when I see ‘fear’ in the Bible and ‘God’ in the same sentence, I just assume respect is what they meant. How can you fear something that you love? I love my mother and my father, I do not fear them, but I respect them. It even says in 2nd Timothy – I have not given you the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love, power and of sound mind. So why do we fear the Lord, when he has told us he hasn’t given us the spirit of fear? Maybe there’s a translation issue or I’ve missed something. Only the Holy Spirit can guide me.
  2. Another thing is, sometimes we ask too much. We are giving God a list, we aren’t communicating with Him, we are just making demands. There isn’t a relationship, we are just abusing the salvation that Jesus has given us. We are treating God, who uses Heaven as His throne and Earth as His footstool, as a slave and we, who cannot see our end, let alone our beginning, as the masters of our destiny. What is wrong with us, me?
  3. False prophets, need I say more. We shall know them by their fruits. Well once I get to Corinthians, my mind will be refreshed with knowledge of the fruit of the spirit and the fruit of the flesh. Sometimes, I do worry for those that have put their pastors on altar in their lives. That if trouble come, they won’t proclaim Jesus, but *insert name*. We really should be singing ~ Jesus be the centre of my world~
  4. Verse 21-23: I remember having a dream one time, where I saw Jesus and I said hi, and he said he did not know me. What a wake up call that was. I don’t think He visited me in dreams, to be honest, but it was like the Holy Spirit was warning me, that I am starting to depart from His presence, that I am walking further away from Him and I am no longer living the Word in my life. How did I know that Jesus didn’t visit me? Because you will know. You will know when God has visited you, because you will never forget, I don’t think the mind can erase such a visitation from the Lord. See I don’t remember the clear details of the dream, I just remembered how I felt when it happened.

So what did you get from Matthew Chapter 1-7??? I wanna know in case I’ve missed something or interpreted something wrong 🙂

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