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I haven’t written an entry in my lullaby entry for some time now. I can’t remember the purpose for this section, to be honest. I think it was to showcase the songs that have captivated my heart and why. However, this time, I’m writing about different genres of music that have captivated my heart and mind, that I’m finding it difficult to focus on my own dreams and action.
I haven’t become one of those crazy fans that stalk their favourite singers or actors/actresses, but with the internet and tumblr who really needs to leave their room to know what their favourite artist are up to.
It’s scary, because I didn’t see myself becoming this person, where I would listen to a particular musician music everyday and think of them day and night. I shall stress that this musicians are a K-Pop band, so not only do I listen to their music, I listen and have no idea what they are saying, yet I’m swaying to the music and humming the various lines that I’ve picked.
At this point of time, I am reflecting whilst battling this addiction that is growing. Why is it at the age of 22, I have found musicians that are absorbing my time and thoughts? I have so much I want to achieve and yet my mind wanders off to what my biases are doing on the other side and whether it is still daytime where they live.
It also becomes a serious problem when you actually consider travelling back to London, on a rumour that your favourite artist has been spotted in the city.

This points me to a bible passage that I remember seeing some time ago:
‘Dear children, keep yourselves from idols’ – 1 John 5:21

When I look at this verse, I can see that it applies to me and my weird actions these past weeks. You might have gone past the age of 18, where you are no longer considered a child, but an adult legally. However, God calls all of us His children, and therefore this applies to all of us, whether you are a bouncing baby or a frail elderly person. It doesn’t matter, because He still looks at us, as His precious children. You can still have an idol that replaces where God is supposed to be in your life, at any age.

Idol is a word, which I believe is used today frequently, where it seems as though the meaning has changed over time, but it really hasn’t. Idol can be defined as ‘an image worshiped as God’ or ‘an image used as an object of worship’ or ‘one that is adored, often blindly or excessively.’ You might think that the first two doesn’t apply to you because you don’t ‘worship’ the person, but worship comes in various forms of activity. ‘Completely devoted, full of admiration’ simple signs of worship. I have always wondered why we, as humans stretch are hands out at concerts or other forms of entertainment and that isn’t counted as worship, but at church it is a sign of worship. What’s the difference? Hands are still be stretched?!

I don’t know if I got what I wanted to say out clearly. Do enjoy music, as I believe it is a gift from God, to use not only to worship Him, but to communicate with others and celebrate with others, as well as enjoy ourselves. But remember, your own significance and your own pathway in a world, where entertainers are raised above others. Admire the skills of others but do not forget that you have skills of your own that needs to be developed, but can’t if you are applying so much time unto others.

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